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  • Study to identify highly clickable and differentiated content in the beauty category for Asian women.
  • Using social listening tools to understand need gaps and map them with the business need.
  • Creative development and production of high performance social content.
  • High quality production, yet flexible work process. Cost and time effective.
  • Measurement of the content performance in the market.
  • FB in SG, TH and TW

Known for its leading innovations and commitment to consumer excellence, Shiseido Asia worked with Digital Jedi on using social intelligence and pre-testing on key cosmetic, skincare and skin cleansing projects to identify the highest potential concept, confirm the right creative & message and find areas of improvement at the pre-launch stage of the campaign.

  • We use mobile research panels to deliver qualitative and quantitative results. Mobile enables research to be more real and closest to consumer content consumption habits. It’s enjoyable for people, while making quality consumer insight more affordable.
  • Members of the research community are recruited and kept active with community program.
  • In all key markets in Asia, we have 100,000-300,000 active members across major cities and demographics groups.

Multiple pre-testing via mobile research testing and social listening tool.

  • Advertising concept pre-testing
  • Rounds of product and advertising concept testing for creative development.
  • Local adaptation of the global creative material
  • Stimulated pre-testing market, the launch
  • Pricing model