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In it’s big  South East Asia launch in Nov 2016, Digital Jedi helped St.Ives reach target audiences through Social, Beauty bloggers, Beauty forum, e-commerce and offline activities. Digital Jedi helped Unilever track the effectiveness of each digital media and the impact on brand awareness, trial and recommendation at low cost and with high speed.

Digital Jedi review the consumer journey, identify the input and output metrics for each channel and design the ROI framework. Use social listing  and the mobile research panel as the main tool to find out the useful learnings.

Digital Jedi helped Unilever to launch St Ives in Thailand in a highly cluttered beauty category. Digital Jedi brought together experts from 6 different fields to create an integrated launch. The result was that in just 3 months the brand became one of the most talked about in thailand reaching 40% aided awareness, strong sales leading to stores being sold out and 95% net promoter score post trial.

Digital Jedi developed the campaign idea, the content strategy, executed the plans across all channels and then tracked the end results.  Our key deliverables in the campaign.

  • Identify consumer journey, project framework, channel selection, the role and KPI of each channel. Fully integrated the campaign idea in each channel.
  • Creative development, production and execution.
  • Ensure the consistency of message and ideas across every consumer touch points.
  • Project management end to end, cost and time control.
  • Weekly and daily update.
  • Highly complex project management with involvement from multiple stakeholders – client, partners, agencies.